Part of this All Aboard project was to run Thematic Webinars. Each participating country has chosen the theme for their Thematic Webinar on Inclusive Practices, which will expand the awareness of the project and Inclusive Practices among participants.


To be able to share good practices for inclusive education nationally and in EU-countries, we will also model how to create and organise webinars. The main idea of these guidelines “How to make a webinar” is to offer very practical support for those interested in sharing their expertise and experiences through webinars.

Webinar recording

Statped: Webinar 1 – “Pedagogical use of iPad”

Statped: Webinar 2 – “Building an inclusive learning environment”

BSGO!: Webinar – “Het M-decreet… de essentie”

Valteri: Webinar – “Toimintakykyarvio.fi -service as support for guidance counselling”

Valteri: Webinar –  “Att utveckla verksamhetskulturen inom förskoleundervisningen” (only in Swedish)

National Star: “All aboard Webinar Mk3 0 25th March 2019”