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Project Management Team Meeting, Statped Norway, 18-19 September 2017

Statped organised the third transnational Project Management Team (PMT) meeting in Oslo, Norway. Like the previous PMT meetings, this meeting was both intensive and filled with discussions.  The PMT meetings also give us the opportunity to socialize in the evenings, going out for dinner together. The meeting in Oslo was no exception, and already by the third meeting the team members now seem to know each other a lot better!

 The third PMT meeting was particularly devoted to planning the next phase of the project. The PMT discussed the work ahead with the webinar handbook, the thematic webinars, the training modules and piloting the training modules. Two dedicated teams were created to accomplish the goals set for the project, a Webinar Team and a Training Module Team. The webinars and training modules will be available on the All Aboard website.