Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting consists of six units in different parts of Finland. Valteri acts as a national expertise centre operating under auspices of the Finnish National Agency of Education. According to its mission, Valteri administers and develops consultation and support services related to inclusive education in municipalities. Valteri also arranges and runs special needs education alongside rehabilitation at each Valteri unit.

According to its role as expertise centre, Valteri supplements municipal and regional support services in learning and school attendance by offering a comprehensive range of services. These may target the needs of individual children or young people, or the needs of an entire working community, municipality or region. The forms, content and practical implementations of services vary according to support needs. The principle of all Valteri actions is to provide equal opportunities for learning and growth to every pupil or student especially when knowledge and the need of support is related to autism spectrum disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, language and communication, hearing, vision, mobility and motor functions, and neurological illnesses or other chronic illnesses as well as multiple needs.

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