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Solution-based School Culture, Finland

In Joutseno School positive psychology and solution-based orientation has been implemented in the school’s culture in order to improve pupils’ learning outcomes and welfare. The most important goals are to develop leadership, interaction between staff and pupils, working in networks as well as interaction between school staff and carers. In the video principal Heikki Laivamaa tells about backround information about solution-based school culture, the roles of principal, teachers and pupils and the effect of solution-based on the learning community.

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We are crossing boundaries, Norway

This is a story about the project ‘we are crossing boundaries’. The project takes place in a municipality in the western part of Norway. A school and the Educational Psychological Service is collaborating with Statped in order to improve the school situation when it comes to inclusion. The main goal of the project is changing attitudes and structures in the school toward teaching for inclusion.

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