Basics of the project

The name of the project – “ALL ABOARD – Innovative actions and products to strengthen the competence of national expertise centres supporting inclusive education for pupils and students with special educational needs” – describes also the aim of the project. The incidence and modes of implementing inclusive education practices vary in each European country. There is an increasing need to share the multi-professional information on good practices and special knowledge on how to support inclusive education. It is also important to find flexible models to develop the training of the staff of expertise centres and mainstreamed schools when providing services for supporting the implementation of inclusive education.


The coordinating organisation of this Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership is Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting (Finland). The participating organisations are Statped (Norway), National Star (UK) and GO! (Belgium). All these participants share the role of being a support/resource centre and thus share the main challenges, needs and aims: How to support the local authorities, schools, teachers and parents to implement inclusive education? Project period is September 2016 – April 2019.

Aims of the project

The target group in this project covers directly the staff of the participant expertise centres and indirectly all those interested in utilizing the results of the project for implementing inclusive education. The objective is to exchange good practices and to create innovative actions and products, which will have input on the competence on each expertise centre and schools they are supporting.

Intellectual outputs of this project are “Box of Best Practices”, “Thematic Webinars of Inclusive Practices” and a “Training Module for Supporting Inclusive Education”. Face-to-face and on-line meetings, job-shadowing, training activities and the input of the multi-professional staff of each participating centre will gather the contents. The result, an international training module in inclusive education for in-service trainings, will empower the expertise centre in EU countries to run support services for inclusive education for pupils and students with special educational needs.

Sharing and dissemination will take place through the whole process. In addition, multiplier events such as national seminars and an international seminar will be organised. National seminars distribute the results in each country and international seminar enables sharing and accessibility for international participants. There will be open access to all materials produced on the project web pages.

The sustainability of this project will especially continue by the open access training module for supporting inclusive education, which will be offered as a new Erasmus + KA1 training program.

In cooperation

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting consists of six units in different parts of Finland. Valteri acts as a national expertise centre operating under auspices of the Finnish National Agency of Education.
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GO! organises official education in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. It is an autonomous body of the Flemish government which functions independently of the Flemish Minister of Education.
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National Star
The National Star College is an independent, specialist college of further education for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LLDD) with 119 residential and 46 day “high needs” places for young people, aged 16 to 25 years old, from across the United Kingdom.
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StatpedThe Norwegian Support System for Special Education, Statped, is a national agency managed by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.
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